Tax-Smart Retirement Planning For Those In Or Nearing Retirement

You Don’t Have To Do The Heavy Lifting Anymore.

Let Us Do It For You.


Why People Like You Come To Milestone:



A fancy word that means we are a true financial partner who acts only in your best interest.


Fee-Only and Independent

We don’t peddle financial products for a commission. We work for you and are ONLY paid by you.


Boutique 1-1 Service

We custom-tailor every detail of your financial plan to your unique needs and situation. You are an individual not an account number. 

…And Why They Stay With Us For Life

A Financial Partner Who Cares About Their Money As Much As They Do.

They have someone in their corner working as hard to protect their money as they did to earn it.

A Retirement Plan Free Of Mistakes Or Errors.

We help them build and implement a retirement plan free of mistakes or errors. We keep a pulse on the market and update their plan so they don’t have to.

Someone Who Will Do The Heavy Lifting.

Instead of managing their money alone, they have the help of a knowledgeable financial professional.

Want A Financial Planner Who Treats You Like A Partner Instead Of A Number?

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Case Studies

Take a look at these hypothetical case studies to see how we can help

(Please note: These hypothetical examples do not involve a Milestone client, and should not be considered a guarantee)

Case Study 01

Financial Management

Suzanne is married with four young kids. Both her and her partner have full-time careers and investment accounts.

Case Study 02


Bob and Beth are a retired couple. Beth used to work as a director for a pharmaceutical company.

Case Study 03

Stay Retired

Vinnie is in his mid-60s and has a wife and three kids. He used to have a senior-level insurance job.

Milestone’S Services

The Lifestyle You’ve Earned (The Peace Of Mind You Deserve)

Financial Planning

We help you create realistic financial milestones. Then, we build a plan — together — to help you reach them.

Tax Planning & Prep

Taxes could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. We make sure you pay the least amount possible.

Asset Management

Based on 50+ years of Nobel Prize-winning research. Designed to minimize risk and protect your finances.


Flat-Fee Planning

Manage your own accounts, with comprehensive planning and advice.

Built To Do What’s Best For You

Milestone Was Founded By Michael Mezheritskiy In 2016 With One Goal: To Do What’s Right For Our Clients.

Want A Financial Planner Who Treats You Like A Partner Instead Of A Number?

It All Starts With A Conversation. Click Below To Pick A Time To Chat.

Simple Financial Advice In Plain English

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Michael Mezheritskiy has been awarded the Five Star Wealth Manager Award six years in a row. Named one of the top Connecticut-based Wealth Management Companies 2021 by Daily Finance.