So You Heard About Roth Conversions, Now What?

Should Roth Conversion be Part of Your Retirement Tax Strategy?

Who doesn’t want to eliminate TAXES or at the very least minimize them?  You are considering Roth conversions, but you have questions. What does it mean? Why would I do that? Will this put me in the higher tax bracket? How much in taxes will I have to pay for it? What is the best way to pay taxes on Roth Conversion? How does that impact my social security claiming strategy? What about RMDs, Backdoor Conversions?

Most importantly, how does it help me, how does it fit into my retirement plan and my family’s future?

Hear Mike and Rich (CFP®, CWS®) on their latest Fresh Perspective Podcast discuss the many merits of converting your Traditional IRA, 401(k), and 403(b) into a ROTH and the impacts it can have on your retirement strategy.