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The average fine by the Department of Labor in 2014 for a plan examined
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The law requires you to “Benchmark” your plan on a regular basis. As the plan sponsor, you have a “fiduciary” obligation to make sure that your plan fees are fair and reasonable and that all decisions are made for the sole benefit of the employees. In 2014, the Department of Labor found 75% of the audit plans to be in violation and the average fine was $600,000.


Milestone Asset Management Group provides plan sponsors of defined contribution plans a full array of services designed to assist and enhance the fiduciary oversight of their employee 401(k) plans. Milestone wants to give you peace of mind knowing your 401(k) plan is properly positioned and compliant in the ever-changing financial landscape.  We will share in your fiduciary responsibility that is associated with the management of your company’s retirement plan by acting alongside you as an approved “3(21) fiduciary”. Our clients wear many professional hats and lack the time that is needed to monitor and manage the company 401(k).

This lack of time is not an excuse to their fiduciary responsibility. Our clients are aware of the importance of the compliance aspect of the 401(k) plan and understand that they are personally and professionally liable for the plans proper management under current  and changing laws governing the plan.  This is why they choose to have a professional assist them in their duty to effectively administer the 401(k) plan, educate employees, select investments, and properly document their decisions.



We will also provide assistance with:

  • Development of an Investment Policy Statement
  • Benchmarking of investments provider fees and expenses
  • Reviewing Plan Documents
  • ERISA Fidelity Bond review
  • Section 404(c) Compliance
  • Ongoing Performance Monitoring
  • Employees Communication & Education Assistance
  • QDIA Selection/Review

Our independence allows us to keep your 401(k) plan compliant with the ever-changing retirement plan environment.  Our comprehensive and customized 401(k) solution offers many benefits to your company. Along with peace of mind, it re-engages your employees. They will look at their 401(k) as a benefit and a tool to get them to retirement. We engage your employees through continued education and retirement knowledge.  Also, our independence allows us to forge relationships with other independent niche services firms that are not affiliated with Milestone in any way. This allows us to always do what is in your best interest.


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