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We provide ongoing financial planning, enhanced tax & estate planning, and investment management services to individuals and families. For business owners, we provide retirement plan design, share in your fiduciary responsibility as a 3(21) fiduciary, and management services.
Anyone seeking objective & comprehensive financial planning or investment advice. We work with people of all ages from all walks of life and we also do not require a minimum level of assets. Clients call or visit when they have a need, and they pay for the time spent working on their specific financial strategy. There are no long-term contracts or retainer agreements. This hourly fee approach gives you the flexibility to schedule just a financial check-up and/or get a second opinion, if that is all you need.
  • Day traders, stock pickers, looking for a brokerage type of relationship.
  • Investors who exhibit a follow the herd mentality.
Financial planners can be compensated in three ways: commissions, fee and commission (also known as fee-based) and fee-only.
Milestone Asset Management Group is a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor(RIA). We have a fiduciary responsibility to act in our clients’ best interest. All our compensation comes directly from you, the client, we do not accept any fees, commissions, referral bonuses, incentives or compensation from third parties.
There are two standards that financial planners and advisors are held to: the fiduciary standard and the suitability standard. For example:

  • Faced with two identical choices but with different fees, a fiduciary advisor would be compelled to recommend the option with lower total cost, even if it means lower revenues for the firm.
  • Under suitability standard if an advisor has three suitable options he does not have to recommend the one that is better for a client, instead he can recommend the one that pays him the most as long as its suitable. They are not required to place clients interest first.
As a fiduciary, I am legally obligated to do what is in the best interest of you, the client.
Some of our services include:

  • Retirement planning strategies
  • Investment portfolio analysis
  • Lump-sum distribution advice
  • College planning advice
  • Estate planning advice
  • A second opinion on investments and current financial plans
  • Net unrealized appreciation strategies review
  • Insurance needs review and many more
  • How do you get paid and are there conflicts of interest?
  • Are you required to act as a Fiduciary and place my interest first at all times?
  • Do you have a Fiduciary Oath?
  • What is your investment philosophy?
  • How do you communicate with clients?
We proffer to meet with our clients quarterly, however if you prefer to meet with us more or less frequently we will certainly accommodate you.
We utilize services of two of the largest custodians in the industry, Scottrade and Betterment. We do not take possession of your assets and you can rest assured knowing that your accounts are protected and fully insured.
Absolutely. Our offices are located in Avon CT and New Hartford CT, however we meet with clients across the Northeast. We also work virtually with clients nationwide.
Trust is earned over time. We have been in the industry for over 16 years and we are completly transparent. Talk with us, ask us tough questions, talk with our references and see where it goes.
Can you confidently decide on the right approach to selecting appropriate asset allocation, maximizing your employee benefits, saving for your kids to go to college, construction of income replacing strategies in retirement and many other decisions that play a critical part in your financial future?  We bring over 16 years of experience and a certain peace of mind that comes with having a professionals by your side to help you along the way.