Hourly Services

Milestone Asset Management Group can be hired to provide goals-based wealth management services. Our hourly program operates much like a dentist’s or accountant’s practice. Clients call or visit when they have a need, and they pay for the time spent working on their specific financial strategy. There are no long-term contracts or retainer agreements. This hourly fee approach gives you the flexibility to schedule just a financial check-up and/or get a second opinion if that is all you need. Furthermore, as a Fee-Only financial planner, our compensation comes only from our clients. We do not accept commissions from the sale of insurance, investments, or any other products. This truly independent structure allows us to give a high level, professional advice without any conflicts of interest. We work with individuals who are either retired or within 10 years from retirement and have a minimum of $250,000 in investable assets. While we enjoy seeing most of our hourly clients at least annually, you can engage us on either a one-time basis or as needed.