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Investment Management

Diversified Portfolio

Global Diversification & Tax Loss Harvesting

We construct your portfolio with up to 12 different asset classes, optimized for your selected asset allocation.

Transparent Fee

One Simple Fee

Our completely transparent fee structure is tied directly to your account values. You’ll never be charged commissions or sales loads.

Account Aggregation

Everything in one place.

You can instantaneously link all of your held away accounts to keep up to date on your entire financial life right from our systems!


For the right reasons

We continually monitor your portfolio for allocation drift and rebalance to keep your investments in line with your investment strategy.

 Our Approach

Milestone Asset Management Group is a fee-only registered investment advisory firm who utilizes a long-term prudent investment strategy based on 50+ years of Nobel Prize-winning research. We build our portfolios by utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to create strategic allocations that align with each client’s time frame, risk tolerance, and investment objectives.

Fees do matter, portfolio costs have a direct impact on portfolio performance; we seek to keep the total expense structure low by utilizing low-cost index funds, ETFs and institutional class mutual funds. We efficiently structure your portfolio by locating your assets in appropriate accounts to give you the highest net after-tax value over time. As a Fee-Only fiduciary we have zero conflicts of interest and, therefore, operate in our clients’ best interests at all times

We employ a passive asset allocation investment strategy that seeks to achieve long-term growth on a tax efficient basis. Passive instruments allow us to manage both risk and volatility, while at the same time minimize portfolio costs. We don’t subscribe to market timing practices, short-term trading or chasing last year’s top performing securities and look to rebalance portfolios back to original targets when needed. When the interest rate environment is favorable, we believe in utilizing individual fixed securities and a laddering of bonds to minimize principal fluctuation and generate steady income. Each of our client portfolios is carefully constructed based on a personalized needs analysis and an overall risk assessment. Once implemented, we follow a disciplined protocol to review, rebalance, and revise our clients’ assets in a timely manner toward achieving the best possible results.

As a Fee-Only fiduciary we have zero conflicts of interest and, therefore, operate in our clients’ best interests at all times.

The Benefits of Diversification

Graphic below ranks the returns of 11 broad asset classes for each of the past 19 years. Each asset class is color-coded for easy tracking. This helps illustrate the danger of investing in only one asset class, and why it’s important not to chase performance by adding to your winners from the prior period.



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